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Member Directory

Get to know the members of your group, and then connect with them.

  • Find members based on Skill Set, Location and Organisation
  • Learn more about each member through detailed profiles which includes a work history and skills matrix
  • Read about the projects each member is working on
  • Find out what questions each member has asked and answered
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Resource Library

Share videos, documents, photos and useful articles with your group

  • Custom video sharing
  • YouTube and Vimeo Embedding
  • Photo Gallery or Single Image articles
  • Document Attachments
  • Custom topics
  • Voting and Commenting functions
  • Search function
  • Filters by Topic and Content Type
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Ask and answer questions

  • Fast and robust question and answering functionality
  • Ability to upload documents at answer level
  • Ability to upload documents at answer comment level
  • Follow Questions
  • Answer voting
  • Knowledge Star ranking board
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News Reel

Interactive news stream of news and events from your group

  • Live stream of news and events shared by members of your group
  • Embed YouTube videos into your news items, or upload your own custom videos
  • Share photo galleries
  • Attach documents
  • News commenting
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Surveys and Polls

Gain the insights you need using our enterprise-grade Survey Management modules.

  • Streamlined, user-friendly survey question builder
  • Wide range of question types and configuration options
  • Schedule surveys for distribution at a specific date / time
  • Automated reminders
  • Powerful tools to analyse results
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icon4 Secure, High Availability Hosting

We house our dedicated servers in a highly-secure EU Safe Habour data-centre in   London.

icon5 Secure Data

Encrypted credentials, SSL 256 and a range of other security focused enhancements ensures your data is protected from authorised access.

icon1 Customisable & Configurable

All modues be tailored to align to your specific process flows and reporting requirements

icon6 Support Agreements

Structure a support agreement tailed to your requirements.

icon3 Language Packs

Choose from Arabic, Portugeue, Vietnamese or request your own.